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Recover LOST TIME from your CRANE NOW.

Measure and optimize the use of your crane with a simple hardware easy to install on the hook and a 100% web platform

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Crane mark the

pace of progress



Uso efectivo de la grúa

Número de movimientos

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01. Measure your capacity

How much is used per day?

What is the average usage?

What moves and at what times?

mide la capacidad de tu grúa torre

02. Plan

How much do I need the crane today?

This week?

During the whole month?

planifica el uso de tu grua

03. Monitor 24/7

Review and meet your goals

Compare your performance with your company and/or industry

evita accidentes

Data to trust


Transform your crane to a DATA-DRIVEN

Plan with weekly goals and meet them with our scheduling software. Do not leave it to chance what goes up and at what time the Rigger does it, a program with data and industry benchmark. 

Acerca de


We believe that simple, easy-to-use technology will boost productivity in the construction industry.


We want to measure the performance of all the cranes in the world so that you know if you are making the most of such an important resource. 


We have proprietary software and hardware developed 100% in Chile and tested for more than 1,000 hours in construction sites.


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Schedule a demo with one of our agents.

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